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Childhood is perhaps the most joyous and memorable period of our lives. Take a moment and look back. Does your childhood not bring you a smile? The adventures, the mischief, the learning, the friends, they last a lifetime.But what of today’s children – your children? Where are the trees for them to climb? Where are the rocks for them to slide over? Character isn’t built by gaming consoles and tablets and phones and technology. It is built by real world experiences. And that’s exactly what we want to build for you. And your children.

Designed in a quaint green, 8-acre patch of land near Sarjapur Road, Golden Days is a project designed around your greatest joy – your children. Built with a world of rich amenities, Golden Days is as charming to adults as it is joyous to children.The project comprises of a mix of thoughtfully designed Villaments and apartments.

Child Friendly Homes

Stroller walk pathways

Wagon Rides, Trike Riding, Sandbox, Baby wearing Walk, Backyard Camping, Ball Hockey, Ball Play, Bubbles, Chalk Art, Gardening, Leaf Collecting, Local Community , Events, Outdoor Crafting, Outdoor Puppet Show, Play Hide & Seek, Skating.

Jogging tracks, Play courts, Outdoor Gym, Hedge Maze, Skating, Adventure play, Maidan Activity, Olympic Training activity.

Picnics, Outdoor chess court, Yoga decks , Play courts, Jogging tracks, OAT – Amphi.

Yoga/Meditation center

Chalk Art / Amphitheater, Pottery, Elocution, Activity zone.

Library in Parks

Adventure Playarea, giving both physical & mental endurance

Windows to the world

Basketball,Cycle track, Jogging track.


What sets Golden Days apart is not its great design or amazing location or superlative amenities, but the focus on what matters – your children.

  • 1

    Home safety alarm/alert call

    The apartments at Golden Days are equipped with state-of-the-art home safety alarm systems. So whether you are inside the house or outside, your home is safe from intrusion.

  • 2

    Stairs barricade

    Parenting is a round-the-clock effort which requires constant attention towards the child. To alleviate your stress and keep your child safe, we have installed Stair barricades in our homes. So that your child can crawl around the house and you can be assured he will not fall off the stairs.

  • 3

    Electrical outlet plug cover

    Kids are a curious lot. And electrical sockets are quite an attraction and within their reach.

    Whether it is poking fingers into the sockets or playing with the wires and switches, kids are at a risk of an electrical shock. To avoid this constant health hazard, we have installed safe electric sockets and plug covers to ensure that no harm reaches your child.

  • 4

    Safety lock for sliding glass door

    Safety locks are installed on sliding glass doors so as to keep your children safe. Whether they are crawling, jumping or hopping around the doors, we ensure they neither get hurt nor lock themselves out.

  • 5

    Door hinge guard for kids safety

    All doors come with door hinge guards in order to ensure kids are safe around them. So that you do not have to constantly worry about the kids’ safety around the house.

Master Plan

Zone-5(Swimming Pool Area)

Zone-4(Yoga Court Area)


Zone-3 (Amphitheater Area)

Zone-2(Children Play Area)

Zone -1(Entrance Zone)

Swimming Pool

Timing 4pm-9pm

Yoga Deck

Timing 6am-7:30am

Stroller Path

Timing 6am-7:30am

Jogging Track

Timing 6am-7:30am


Timing 9am-2:30pm

Senior Citizen Court

Timing 9am-2:30pm

Cycle Track

Timing 4pm-9pm

Play Area

Timing 4pm-9pm

Basket Ball & Skating Rink

Timing 4pm-9pm

The Apartments

Tower-A1 Floor plan
Tower-D1 Floor plan
D2 floor plan
Unit plan-D1-2 bhk- type3
Unit plan-D1-2 bhk- type4
Unit plan-D2-2bhk-type1
Unit plan-D2-2bhk-type2
Unit plan-D2-2bhk-type3
Unit plan-D2-2bhk-type4
Unit plan-A1-2-5 bhk-type3
Unit plan-A1-2-5 bhk-type4
Unit plan-D1-2-5 bhkCorner- type1
Unit plan-A1-3 bhk-type1
Unit plan-D1-3 bhkCorner- type2
Unit plan-A2-3bhk-type1
Unit plan-A2-3bhk-type2
Unit plan-A2-3bhk-type3
Unit plan-A2-3bhk-type4
Unit plan-A1-3-5 bhk +SR- type2
Unit plan-A1-3-5 bhk +SR- type2
Duplex typical lower floor plan
Duplex typical upper floor plan
Simplex typical upper floor plan

Golden Days Video Presentation

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Sakara World Hospital , Shri Siva Sai Hospital , Harmony Multi Specality Clinic , Narayana Hridayala , Apollo Clinic , VIMS Specialty Hospital , Motherhood.


SSIS International School ,SVR Public School and College , Cambridge International School , Amrita School of Engineering , NIFT , Orchids International School
Work Centre

Work Centre

Wipro Corporate office , ORR, RGA Complex(Upcoming) , Whitefield , Electronic City , All Major companies like Symphony, Honeywell, Oracle, Infosys, etc


Soul Space Arena , Total Mall , Big Bazzar , Spencers

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