5 reasons to choose Golden Gate Properties

5 reasons to choose Golden Gate Properties

India’s own Silicon valley. India’s Startup capital. With thousands of people migrating into this beautiful city every year, Bangalore is clearly the most diverse and happening place of the country. It scores big on stability, culture, diversity and inclusivity. You can’t help falling in love with the weather and the locals of this place who welcome their homes and hearts to you. But if you are in dilemma about making a purchase with respect to a home here, we understand you perfectly. You are both spoilt for choice as well as stuck in a conundrum of what you need, what you want, and what is your budget.

To pull you out of this dilemma, we thought we must give you a little refresher of what Goldegate Properties Ltd offers. Our offerings are exclusive and innovative, which you’ll soon see for yourself!

End to end execution

From land acquisition, to design and construction, Golden gate acquires it’s land and development parcels on its own. We have our in house land acquisition department and through our extensive grassroots local broker network, acquire lands at great locations.

The lands are therefore legally sound and strategically located at upcoming IT and ITes locales. Our teams work like a well oiled machine, and with great experience and expertise, we take extreme pride in the fact that everything is done by us – from acquisition to execution and handover. We do not have third party vendors or sub contractors. You will find our projects in areas that are garnering demand in upcoming areas like the Bangalore International Airport, Sarjapur and Kanakpura Road – a fine example of how our vision works.

Seamless Project execution

From inception to date, all our projects from the first project to Golden Homes Phase III have been executed through our in-house capabilities. We believe in hiring the best talent who have exposure to both public and private sectors. Our team comprises of over 400 accomplished and highly professional staff who have a keen sense of the past, and a vision for the future. This efficiency helps us reduce costs so that you can purchase your dream home at affordable prices, while not compromising on luxury.

Latest technology and state of the art equipment:

Golden Gate is meticulous and upholds complete mechanization of its operations. From modern technologies such as MIVAN shuttering to pre-castes walls, we optimize on labor costs, construction time and are unaffected by fluctuations in supply of material or labor. This efficiency also helps us improve our commitment to environmental concerns, and waste management – both of which are done with maximum precision. Our execution rates are top notch, thereby saving you costs in terms of time and interest payments on your loan. Our commitment to value engineering means we do not compromise on quality whatsoever. You get what you were promised, and on time!

High standards

We are always abreast of the latest technologies and best practices in the construction, project management and execution fields. We are always open to new ideas and innovation while not compromising on time and quality. This enables our architects, construction engineers and managers to give you the best possible outcome at standards that are unmatched. And yes, a wholesome value for money.

Customer service

Golden Gate reviews speak for themselves! Our dedicated customer service team puts not just customer first, but customer at the center of everything. Each and every project is managed for one full year before and after delivery to ensure smooth transitioning and no reduction in quality of services promised. We also help in setting up the welfare association and provide hand holding in its formation, so that you get what you had signed up for.

True Value marketing & sales

We use a combination of third party marketeers who provide an outside view. An internal team who can help you understand how the system works internally. Our marketing techniques are innovative – right from deploying Bollywood celebrities to various aha factors. But this does not deter us from our central promise. There is zero misspelling or commitment to things we do not deliver. Our marketing and sales teams are 100% transparent, and you can get a candid view of what to expect.

To conclude…

Most of all, Golden Gate has a vision and mission to cater to every segment of the society.  Believes that affordable home do not mean low quality or cheap. We have all on our plate from holiday getaways, to weekend condos, to high end luxury homes. Call us or drop in to find the best home that meet your budget and requirements. We are happy to be a part in helping you realize your dream home!

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