5 USP’s Golden Gate Properties Provide for Your Dream Home

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A home is much more than just another piece of land, or a space that you call your own. It is a dream for most Indians, a stamp of success when you own one. It is therefore natural that you would look into each and every aspect of making this purchase. Whether it is your first home, or a speculative second investment, you must consider a few pointers that make your purchase secure, wise and most importantly a happy investment.

Golden Gate properties Ltd is a premium developer in India’s Silicon valley – Bangalore. With both affordable and luxury home segments to its credit, it has been helping thousand fulfill their dreams for over 15 years. All its projects are world class, come with superior amenities and fitting and combine both traditional and modern living concepts – giving the best of all worlds.

Well planned and forward looking

Our projects are centered around the most vital aspect – you. Right from choosing the area to the tiniest detail of the colour of your bedroom wall, we have a great attention to detail. Our homes are known to be classy, classic and best in class.

They still stay relevant and strategic both as a space and an investment even 15 or 20 years after your purchase. Our finished projects stand testimony to this fact.

Wise investment decision

When you buy a property – an apartment, a plot of land or even a bit of commercial space, you are investing in equity. The idea is to get it grow over time. Especially during these times, when uncertainty is looming low, choosing the right investment is paramount. You must take stock of the market, and understand that the housing market does not work like the regular stock market. Even a lull would mean prices are stagnant. Unless an unprecedented crisis like the Global Financial crisis of 2008 happens which drove prices downward, the prices would go up or remain stable. This is especially true of India, where land is a scare commodity given our burgeoning population. In a metropolis like Bangalore, you must grab a good deal when you sight one, because there is only one way the prices go – up!

Budget & finances

The first thing that one looks for while purchasing a home is to see if the budget fits in. The ideal home is a balance between all needs and wants of the home buyer while offering amazing value. Golden Gate believes in providing value for money to every rupee that you spend. We understand what it means to own a home. Our team of financial experts carefully fix the price, and offer the most lucrative and competitive prices in the vicinity. We also arrange for financing options, and can help guide through how to plan budget in realizing your dream home.

Well thought of amenities

All project of Golden gate Properties are well thought of and strategically located. Our team of architects, developers and construction experts are futuristic and trained to be forward looking. We treat each project like we are making a personal investment which is reflected in the exceptional design, amazing locality, cost and stellar space management. All our projects are in close vicinity to schools, shopping complexes, hospitals and convenience centers. Our ventures are close to natures as well as the city, and include world class facilities like sprawling lawns, gardens, kids play areas, jogging and cycling tracks, and club house.

Great neighborhood, good people

Bangalore as a city is in itself a place one cannot help falling in love with. Diverse communities, people from all over the world, bustling with activity, this is a city of dreams. While choosing your dream home, you must remember that it is not going to be a stand alone dwelling space. Which is why the community matters as much as your needs and wants. Do you want an apartment that is within walking or cycling distance of your work, or would you want to stroll in the park with your significant other while enjoying a conversation with neighbors – these are small but important considerations.

To conclude….

A home is an investment and also a matter of pride that you pull yourself out of and into every day. It must give you the right amount of personal space while not letting go of your social needs. The right size for your family or yourself, a decent location and value for money are therefore vital factors. Golden gate properties limited scores big on all these factors. Take a look at our finished and ongoing projects to know more!

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