BDA and BBMP – Who does what?

BDA and BBMP – Who does what

If you are living in the garden city, Bangalore chances are you have come across the BDA and BBMP through their layouts, or flyover constructions or simply on hoarding that say project BDA approved! Maybe you have to pay your property tax for your priced home in Golden Panorama Bangalore and you’ve been directed to BBMPs website.

We don’t or need not usually pay attention to the inception, and functions of these government authorities. But it helps to have a basic understanding of who does what.

Bangalore Development Authority(BDA)

Bangalore Development Authority or the BDA is a state government run authority that deals with planning and development of the city.

As population migrates from rural areas to cities in search for a better lifestyle and greater access. There is a need for authorities to be set up to oversee not just the law and order but ensure smooth access of basic civic amenities. Which is why the local authorities set up planning and development control bodies to oversee the city’s development. Now Golden Homes Phase III reviews might tell you that it is a great place to stay with wonderful amenities, but the developer has to obtain a building permission from the authority concerned, without which it would be deemed illegal.

This is where the BDA steps in. Born as a civic authority to function under the state Town and country planning act, the primary function was to develop a master plan for the city of Bangalore given its growing population, says a realtor from Golden gate Properties Ltd.

What does BDA do?

The Bangalore development authority operates and executes through various departments as follows: 

Engineering : This department is responsible for the engineering works like water supply, electrification etc., in collaboration with the water and electricity board.

Town Planning: This department is responsible for formulating the Bangalore City mater plan. A master plan is a framework that serves as a guide to how the city has to grow and develop in the future.

Land Acquisition: Like the name suggests this department is responsible for acquiring lands for the development work the BDA has in mind like building infrastructure.

Estate Section: Estate department ensures that property records, permission plans and other sensitive documents are maintained. It also ensures that encroachments of BDA property is This department is responsible for management of property records and their monitoring. It also identifies encroachments on authority land and recovers them. Other departments under the department include the public relation wing, EDP cell, forest and horticulture department, etc.

Finance and administration: The finance department look after the finances of the entity, while administration ensures that the internal functioning of BDA is smooth. Administration is also responsible for allotment of plots and flats in BDA layouts. It collects property tax and rents from BDA leased commercial establishments.

Special Task Force: Special task force is a lot in news when it comes to protecting our city’s green lung space from encroachments. It also sets up special vigilante for unauthorized constructions.

BDA has also developed some of the hotspots of the city like Kormangala, Jayanagar, JPNagar, BTM Banshankari etc.,

BBMP: Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike

The BBMP is an administrative body responsible for infrastructure and civil amenities in Bangalore city. It is like the administrative wing for the city. Looking after sanitation, trade licenses, open spaces, roads and public spaces staying in order, waste management etc.,

The BBMP is classified into 8 zones based on the geography of the city, and currently , the BBMP caters to a whopping 8.4 million people.

Functions of the BBMP:

BBMP looks after the following functions in the city:

Roads and infrastructure: BBMP constructs, maintains and is responsible for the upkeep of close to 2000 kms of roads in Bangalore. This includes all the main roads, and sub arterial roads. This is done through a contracting system.

Drains and sewage: It is also responsible for the building and maintenance of storm water drains in the city.

Hygiene and sanitation: This includes garbage disposal and waste management for the city and the building and upkeep of toilets. It is also responsible for keeping the roads clean and green.

Public space management: All public spaces like parks, town squares, graveyards etc are maintained and administered by the BBMP

Property tax collection: We all know BBMP for this! It follows a self-assessment model of tax collection, and collects property tax on residential, commercial and industrial properties.

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