Real estate investment

5 ways to be a house hustler!

The only risk in real estate is not owning a piece of real estate! Real estate is a great investment, simply because space is scare. And the scarcer the commodity, the higher the demand. It is simple demand-supply dynamics at play. Also real estate – commercial, industrial, open plots or residential can fetch you income

What are REITs and should you consider them

What are REITs and should you consider them?

REITs or Real Estate Investment trusts are picking up steam in India. They are regulated by the SEBI in India, and currently around three of them, along with two other IIT – infrastructure investment trusts, are listed on the exchange. What are REITs? Real estate investment trusts are companies that own, manage, and operate commercial

BDA and BBMP – Who does what

BDA and BBMP – Who does what?

If you are living in the garden city, Bangalore chances are you have come across the BDA and BBMP through their layouts, or flyover constructions or simply on hoarding that say project BDA approved! Maybe you have to pay your property tax for your priced home in Golden Panorama Bangalore and you’ve been directed to